Apr - 06
computer pc repairs london


Computer repairs, upgrades, regenerations, ask Digilazy how to do it.

Digilazy can help with fixing your old PC, upgrading, operating system replacement and any other malfunctioning. Computers like cars and appliances need maintenance from time to time. Maybe just a over all clean up to speed up boot time, or a RAM upgrade which will make your device running faster when you really need it, for example during multi tasking. Or a fresh operating system installaton on a SSD (Solid State Drive). Talk you Digilazy whatever the problem or glitch your are facing.

home service

Nowadays your devices contains vital and very confidential information you may prefer to keep safe and under your control at all the times. With the home service repair,  your devices and your data will never leave your home while on repair so you can be sure you data is safe.

repairs and upgrades

Sometimes your computer won't start, or it may needs an overall clean up and a new start to keep up with the times. Hard disk and RAM upgrades, as well as operating system installation can give your computer a brand new life, an a very cost effective way to save your money.

pc regeneration

Make use of your old PC. With just a few changes in hardware and software your old computer can be put back into service for office tasks, or could be regenerated into your home server, file storage or even host your very own website, blog, or media server.

I am very much for the Open Source way so I'm afraid can't help you much with specific Apple products related enquiries.