Apr - 06


From weak WiFi to VPN and router setup, job done.

Does not matter how small or large is your house, nowadays everybody has a home network. Mobiles phones, tablets, smart TVs and many other devices are all connected to your own Local Area Network (LAN) other than the internet. This allows exchange and sharing of data, files, music, documents between them.

The router is the essential part in your home network. It connects devices together, and lets you access the internet via WiFi or cable across the property.

Your own home network could also deliver audio and visual if setup to do so. This requires connections made by WiFi, where signals and data are transmitted wireless, and wired whereas the connections are made by physical wiring.

Home network upgrades

home plugs wifi expantion

If you live in a new or recently refurbished property, it may have beer wired with proper network cables (CAT5/CAT6) which can deliver data of any kind in any room. But what about if the property is old? Not need to run external cables averywhere because nowadays there are devices which can deliver data using your existing electric grid. Home-plugs and POE (Power Over Ethernet) devices are the best affordable solution to bring internet where you need it, so no more WiFi black spots on the top floor or on your boys-toys room in the garden shed.

Devices and router setup

Almost every house now is equipped with a router. But most of them are the basic ones offered for free by your internet service provider (ISP). Those routers "just work" but are very limited on functions, and may even slow down your connections at the time you really needed. Professional routers are available for reasonable prices with many more added functions, such as "adaptive Quality of Service (QoS) which ensures bandwidth for prioritized tasks and applications, or with built-in VPN application which will encrypt all traffic coming out of your devices.

NAS and file sharing

nas files cloud sharing

Ever used a USB pen drive to transfer files and data across devices? How frustrating is that? And what about listening to your music or watching a video? Now a NAS device (Network Attached Storage) can store all your files and make them available over your home network and beyond. Being directly connected to your router, this will be your central storage for your files, music, videos, photos which will then be availble on all the device connected such smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, both from within your home network or when your are out and about, as long as you have an internet connection.

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