Apr - 06
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Digitalyze your CD collection and enjoy it on every device.

There was a time not long ago when music and other media were only available in physical state, so in form of vinyl and magnetic tapes first (fot those who can remeber), then over CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray and many other formats, some of which now obsolete like Minidisk.

Then digital media became available just as a bunch of files, much easier to carry around on devices like MP3 players and now smart phones.

This leaves boxes and racks full of good old CDs and DVDs getting dust because not longer practical to move or even to play. Have you ever wished you could listen to THAT song while you were away from home?

This is now possible, thanks for media conversion, a media server and some good Open Source software which could make your digital data available everywhere there is an internet connection.

The most daunting task to make this possible is β€œrip” music and videos out of the CD and DVD because a bit technical to do and very time consuming. But fear not, now London Tech Guy can export all your data from phisical supports and transfer it on a Network Attached Storage or NAS where it will be easy to find, play, download and share it across all your devices like smartphones and tablets.

This is easy as 1 – 2 – 3

1 - Collection

Digilazy comes to your house and collects CDs and/or DVDs you would like to convert, or they can be easily and safely shipped by courier.

2 - Conversion


Your media is then converted into digital files, tagged, and saved on a hardware of your choice (USB, SATA, commercial NAS or your own pre-owned devices such as PC and laptops*).

3 - Delivery

The CD/DVD will be sent back to you by courier together with the hard drive/NAS, or could be hand delivered with a home visit if you live in and around London and wish to have it professionally installed.

Then there are 3 options for getting your data stored

  1. on a USB or SATA hard drive.
    Your music will be stored on either a USB hard drive, or a SATA hard drive, for internal installation on your existing computer/NAS.
  2. on a pre-built NAS storage.
    Your music will be stored on a commercial NAS of your choice and preference.
  3. on a Open Source NAS using your existing PC/laptop.
    Make use of your redundant equipment and build your media server with minimum cost.

Contact Digilazy for quotes and to find out more about digital conversions